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Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of your Welding Helmet

January 07,2022

When you crash or encounter an emergency, welding helmets can protect your head from the least impact. And this is also the simplest guarantee for the rider’s life safety. In addition to the quality of the material, welding helmets also cares about daily maintenance. As a piece of equipment that accompanies the daily use of the knight, we can only be good if it is good. 

And many people are going to be curious, what can be maintained for welding helmets?

First of all to wipe mask goggles to choose a suitable cloth to wipe the mirror, it is recommended to use micro-fiber cloth, it will not cause fine scratches on the mask, and clean the effect is better. If you really don’t have any, try using eyeglasses cloth.

Secondly, try to avoid direct contact with the goggles, as the greasy sweat from our fingers is the natural enemy of the anti fog coating. Try not to touch the goggles with your hands if you can. The visor edge of the mid-and high-end helmet will have an additional position for easy lifting or lowering.

Use Alcohol and other volatiles with caution if you want to wash them. Wash both sides with mild soapy water. Even if your mask is covered with an anti-fog coating, it can be washed with mild soapy water. Finally, rinse with clean water and let dry naturally.

If there are dead bugs or other silt from the rain, place a damp, soft cloth on top of it. A corpse or sludge that has been dried by a worm is softened by soaking and will then be easily removed. Instead of using brute force or simply wiping away unsoftened stains.

In fact, the best way is to prepare a spare mask goggles; now some spare parts of the goggles although not the original, but the quality is still very good, the most important is good permeability and distortion control, there are very few cases of light refraction and scattering.

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