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Six Precautionary Tips for Using Welding Masks

April 15,2022

To prevent the hazards of welding arc and spark burns.

Welders should select shading lenses that meet the operating conditions according to the requirements of GB3609.1 “Welding Goggles and Masks”.

There are two types of masks for welders: hand-held and head-mounted masks. 

The shells of the masks and helmets should be made of insulating materials that are inflammable(or at least non-combustible) and non-irritating to the skin. The cover should cover the face and ears. It should be reliable with no light leakage.

The head-mounted electric welding mask is used for various arc welding or climbing welding operations, and the weight should not exceed 560g.

Auxiliary welders should choose and wear masks and protective glasses with suitable shading properties according to working conditions.

For gas welding and gas cutting operations.

The corresponding type of protective glasses should be selected according to the thickness of the welding and cutting workpiece plate.

Anti-slag glasses.

Whose lenses are not easily broken into pieces, are required for the preparation of welding and cutting, as well as the cleaning work, such as grinding welding joints, removing welding slag, etc.

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