Welding Helmet Filter Lens
Welding Helmet Filter Lens
LY600A Welding Helmet With 2 Arc Sensors Auto Darkening Welding Lens
LY600A Welding Helmet With 2 Arc Sensors Auto Darkening Welding Lens
Double filters avoid harmful UV/IR and strong light hurting eyes in the case of electric ophthalmia. PP shell protects our face from spattering and harmful materials when welding, reducing the possibility of injury. Fresh air flows, effective in reducing the release of harmful gas and welding dust and other damage to the body to prevent the occurrence of occupational pneumoconiosis. Polymer material, high strength, light leakage is more suitable for current trend and variety adapts to a variety of work environments.
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  • Liquid crystal of high quality,optical coating,and protection for shielding ultraviolet and infrared rays are adopted to protect welding operator from being injured by harmfu rays such as ultraviolet rays ,infrared rays .etc.
  • Liquid crystal light valve adopts the brand new technology of automatically changing the light controlled by light .multilayer LCD and coated glass effectively stop ultraviolet and infrared rays and let the visible light through easily so as to protect the eyes of the operator,and enable him to observe welding object clearly ,thus reducing repeated welding,and improve efficiency.
  • The original design of automatic transform technology used in controlling circuit make it possible for goggles to be able to change strong light to dark light . AS a result , it can protect our eyes form being injured by sudden arc.
  • The original design for Anti-interference switch avoids not seeing welding object clearly due to complex surroundings nearby.

Optical Class1/1/1/1
Filter Size110*90*9mm
Active Viewing Area92.5*42.5mm
Light ShadeDIN4
Dark ShadeDIN9~13
Shade ControlExternal Variable
Switching Time 3/10000S
Sensitivity AdjustmentStepless Control
Delay Time0.1S~0.8S
Power SupplyLi-battery&Solar
Rated Capacity of Li-battery600mAh
Replaceable batteryYes
Operating Temperature-5℃~+55℃
Storing Temperature-20℃~+65℃
Low Amperage TIG Rated≥5amps
Arc Sensor2
Mask MaterialPA/PP
UV/IR Protection DIN16
Low BatteryYes

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