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Mexin Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with flame beauty sticker

Great for TIG MIG MMA , Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature.

Super Large Viewing Size “100mm*59.5mm”with 4 Premium Sensors

Better clarity , true color view  1/1/1/2 Optical Clarity

Increased battery life 

Superior comfort with the pivot style Headband 

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The True Color Technology upgrade to Mexin welding helmets-improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet view screen.

Technical Specifications

●Better Clarity , Real Color View

Now you can make a good view even better.

Upgrading the welding helmet with true color technology preserves the existing 1/1/1/2

optical clarity rating , but improves visibility by reducing the lime green tint.

●Broad vision

True Color technology enables you to not only see better , but also see more . The“100mm*59.5mm”large viewing area gives you a full range of vision in relation to the welding area , which enhances operator control.

●Comfortable Headband 

Headband  with oversized comfort cushion provides extensive adjustability ,settings and improved support for better fit and comfort.

Packaging & Shipping



1)the helmet and its 


2)Pack the helmet with  plastic bag3)Lie flat 20 color boxes at the bottom of the cartons4)Put into 20 instructions5)Put 20 welding helmets and headbands into the packing case6) Packaging:(725mm×485mm×430mm)
Remark: Volume reduction  and number increase compared with Packing one(old)



1)the helmet and its 


2)Pack the helmet with 

   plastic bag

3) Put 16 instructions into the packing box4) Put 16 welding helmets and headbands into the packing box

5)   Packaging:(540mm×540mm×310mm)

G.W:8Kg    N.W:11Kg

Remark:This manner of packing has not color box.



1) Pack the welding 

helmet with plastic bag

2)Put the instructions into 

 the color box

3) Put the welding helmet well-packed with plastic bag into the color box4)Put the Six well-packed welding helemts into the outer packing5) Packaging:(740mm×345mm×490mm)
Remark: Volume reduction  and number increase compared with Packing three(old)
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